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Petition Stop the censorship-machinery! Save the Internet!

It took my friends and I less than 10 minutes to find account after account of children being exploited. If we were able to find the names of some of the individuals operating these accounts and locate their employers, there’s no excuse for billion dollar companies to NOT DO MORE TO PROTECT THE WELL BEING […]

Develop a Conversational AI Bot in 4 simple steps by André Ribeiro

With natural language understanding, conversational chatbots can understand the context and intent of conversations and provide relevant answers across messaging apps and channels. Today, many consumers do not want to spend the time to find what they need on a website, they would rather just ask someone. But it’s not always necessary to have customer […]

AI-Driven Audio Cloning Startup Gives Voice To Einstein Chatbot Slashdot

AI DIET Solutions Hack has the following Categories: Content The Social Reconfiguration of Artificial Intelligence: Utility and Feasibility Managing Editor, Data Science Central An Event Celebrating Success Stories of Implementation and Impact! Are you a Company that puts People before Profits? Tempus – “data-driven precision medicine” – uses an AI application strategy to fight disease […]

Assembly line data for continuous improvement

Fullpower®AI is the leader in Person/Patient-Generated Sleep Data with our Sleeptracker-AI® Platform (PGHD ) Content ABC News AI-powered computer ‘outperformed’ humans spotting breast cancer in mammograms: Study More on Technology & Innovation Some key findings include an initial increase in sleep duration with shelter-in-place. The small increase in continuous heart-rate throughout the night may point […]